Mind Body Habits Challenge



It's been a year exactly when we started Mind Body Habits challenge in MFS with a sole intention to improve the lifestyle and health of all our trainees. I have got amazing feedback from them and it's takes me immense pride to make this public and free to everyone. At this critical juncture we are facing huge challenges. Be it financial, personal, environmental, career. We all want positive changes in our lives, but they don't happen overnight. It happens brick by brick. Mind Body Habits is all about building the positivity around you brick by brick. Those small habits that will go a long way in building a better world for ourselves and our loved ones.

I would request one and all to participate in this challenge and be the transformation you wish to see in yourself.

What's Body Habits challenge?

These are small micro habits that we encourage you to develop on a month to month basis that focuses positive habits for your Mind, Body and Nutrition for the body. Yes, three micro habits that you need to complete every day for a month.

How to I enroll for this challenge?

It's simple, you just need to subscribe to the Menon Fitness Systems YouTube channel and click on the bell icon. The challenge starts from May and we will post about the challenge 4-5days before the month begins.

Starting May, we will go live every day and do the challenge with you. All you need to do is to post about the completion of the challenge in the comments section of the video. You can also post your feedback or queries in the comments section that we will answer in the next video.

We won't be asking you for your email-id or any personal details but we request you to give your daily updates in the comments section of the daily live sessions.

What if I am not able to attend the live sessions?

Don't worry, these sessions will be available offline too. You can watch and participate at your convenient time zone.

What if I miss the challenge for the month? Can I continue the challenge even after it's over?

You can start the challenge any day of the month, any month. The objective is to cultivate lifelong good habits so pick the habits you wish to continue even after the challenge is over.

Click the following link to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/MenonFitnessSystems?sub_confirmation=1

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