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Recovery Heart Rate Garmin Watch


If you are training with wrist-based heart rate or a compatible chest heart rate monitor, you can check your recovery heart rate value after each activity. Recovery heart rate is the difference between your exercising heart rate and your heart rate two minutes after the exercise has stopped. For example, after a typical training run, you stop the timer. Your heart rate is 126 bpm. After two minutes of no activity or cool down, your heart rate is 73 bpm. Your recovery heart rate is 53 bpm (126 minus 73). Some studies have linked recovery heart rate to cardiac health. Higher numbers generally indicate healthier hearts.

TIP: For best results, you should stop moving for two minutes while the device calculates your recovery heart rate value. You can save or discard the activity after this value appears.

Do any exercise you want to until you hit Zone 2 through Zone 3 (60%-80%), that is your Target BPM before starting recovery. Then tap/swipe for pause, then tap Recovery.

Subtract your 2-minute heart rate from the heart rate you took immediately after exercising. The faster your heart rate recovers (or slows down ) the fitter and healthier your heart.

If the difference between the two numbers is:

< 22 BPM Your biological age is slightly older than your calendar age.
22-52 BPM Your biological age is about the same as your calendar age.
53-58 BPM Your biological age is slightly younger than your calendar age.
59-65 BPM Your biological age is moderately younger than your calendar age.
66+ BPM  Your biological age is a lot younger than your calendar age.

Slow heart rate recovery after exercise is associated with carotid atherosclerosis

Sae Young Jae 1Mercedes R Carnethon 2Kevin S Heffernan 1Yoon-Ho Choi 3Moon-Kyu Lee 3Won Hah Park 3Bo Fernhall 4

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  • PMID: 17137583

DOI: 10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2006.10.023


Objective: Slow heart rate recovery (HRR) after exercise is an estimate of impaired parasympathetic tone and predictor of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality. Carotid atherosclerosis is associated with high risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke. We tested the hypothesis that slow HRR is associated with carotid atherosclerosis in a cross-sectional study of 12,712 middle-aged men (age 49.1+/-8.9 years).

Methods: Carotid atherosclerosis was measured using B-mode ultrasonography and defined as stenosis >25% and/or intima-media thickness >1.2mm. HRR was calculated as the difference between peak heart rate during a graded exercise treadmill test and heart rate 2 min after cessation of exercise.

Results: The prevalence of carotid atherosclerosis was 8.4%. The prevalence of atherosclerosis was significantly higher among subjects in the lowest (<44 bpm) versus the highest (>61 bpm) quartile of HRR (14.4% versus 4.1%, p<0.001). In multivariable logistic regression models adjusted for established CHD risk factors, inflammatory markers, and exercise capacity, subjects in the lowest quartile of HRR (<44 bpm) were 1.50 times (95% CI: 1.13-2.00) more likely to have carotid atherosclerosis than subjects in the highest quartile (HRR>61 bpm).

Conclusions: Slow heart rate recovery after exercise, an index of decreased parasympathetic activity, is associated with carotid atherosclerosis independent of established risk factors in middle-age men

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If your 1-minute HRR is <13 beats or 2-minute HRR <22 beats per minute, this is a bad prognostic sign.

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For healthy, asymptomatic individuals, the HRR can serve as a marker for your overall cardiovascular fitness. Monitor it along with your exercise capacity, peak heart rate, and resting heart rate to raise your awareness of how your exercise is influencing your overall autonomic nervous system balance.

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How to stay calm and get the desired results

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

“The consciousness that says 'I am' is not the consciousness that thinks.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre


Who are we?

Quantum Physics states that everything that exists in the whole universe is made up of energy that constantly flows and changes form.

Even though everything in the universe appears to look different, it all comes from the same energy—it just vibrates at a different speed so it exists on a different frequency, which either makes it tangible or intangible.

Therefore, human beings, according to quantum physics, have no actual physical structure. We are vibrational repeated patterns of spinning vortices of interactive energy, with each having its own unique signature. This spiritual signature is what makes us all entirely different from one another.

We only feel separate to everyone and everything due to our energy vibrating on a different frequency from everything else that exists. However, we are intrinsically connected to everything and everyone as our energy interacts, connects, absorbs, interlocks and communicates with the other energy here on Earth as well as the incoming energies from the outer universe.

The Universal Law Of Vibration states that everything in the Universe consists of energy or light in motion that vibrates at a certain speed and the resonation of it determines its frequency.


Although many people are naturally sensitive to universal energy, others become more attuned to it the more open they are and the higher their conscious awareness is. When our conscious awareness is high we are able to tap into incoming energy wavelengths and read the information that is stored within it. When harnessed and utilized, the influx of energy can guide us in our life and ultimately lead us to reach our full potential and our higher purpose on Earth.

One of the easiest ways to tell if we are sensitive to energy is how we feel when we are in the company of other people. We may pick up on the “vibe” and feel immediately overwhelmed or as though our energy has shifted depending on the stimuli from the energy of the people around us.


What is Consciousness? Albert Einstein


How does the internet work?


Does consciousness exist everywhere? What about Corona virus?


Aham Bhramasmi- The Universe within you


How does our brain function?



Types of Intuition

Clairvoyance (Seeing)

Clairvoyance, which means “clear sight”, is probably the most well-known type of intuitive or psychic power.

Clairvoyants are able to access visual telepathic information about objects, people, physical locations, as well as other realms and spirit guides.


Clairaudience (Hearing)

Claudience, which means “clear hearing”, is the ability to perceive sounds or words from outside sources in the spirit world. Psychics who are clairaudient hear voices, sounds, or music that are not audible in non-psychic hearing.


Claircognizance (Clear Knowing)

This is common one for many people to not even realize they have! Sometimes those with claircognizance experience a “blank screen” meaning they see mostly only black when they close their eyes and attempt to connect to their intuition, leaving them feeling as though they are not psychic because they do not have visions.


1st step towards connecting to higher consciousness

  • See less
  • Talk less
  • Think less
  • E.g. Traffic Jam

What are the benefits to connecting to higher consciousness?

  • Develop crystal clear intuition
  • Develop manifestation power
  • Boost your career and creativity
  • Learn to Respond rather than React
  • Develop Self-healing powers
  • Achieve Self-Awareness


Objective vs Subjective World

•Objective physical communication takes place at the beta, left-brain dimension using the objective, physical senses. The hearing is used for perception, and the voice is used for transmission.

•Subjective, spiritual communication takes place at the alpha, right-brain dimension buy using the spiritual senses. Visualization is used for perception, and imagination is used for transmission.

•In the objective, physical dimension, the past is behind us, the present is our present position, and the future is ahead of us.

•In the subjective, mental dimension, the past is to your right, the present is centered straight ahead, and the future is to your left.

What is Alpha State of Mind?

The alpha state is a light "hypnotic state" relaxed, yet focused and receptive. In this state of consciousness, a person is calm, able to absorb new information and become more resourceful and open to new possibilities.

The voice of Alpha is your intuition, which becomes clearer and more profound the closer you get to 7.5Hz.

It is at the Alpha-Theta border, from 7Hz to 8Hz, where the optimal range for visualization, mind programming and using the creative power of your mind begins. It’s the mental state in which you consciously create your reality.

At this frequency, you are conscious of your surroundings while your body is in deep relaxation.


How to get into Alpha State?

Yoga Nidra

Stages of yoga nidra

The practice of yoga nidra is divided into the following stages:

1. Preparation

2. Sankalpa

3. Rotation of consciousness

4. Breath awareness

5. Opposite feelings and sensations.

6. Visualization

7. Sankalpa

8. Ending the practice


Steps to tap into Higher Consciousness

  1. Defining the "Want"/ "Need"
  2. Journaling  the "Want"/ "Need" in an Objective scenario
  3. Journaling the Solution (if you know)
  4. Journaling the Result
  5. Developing Visualization
  6. Imagining the Result
  7. Entering into Alpha State (Yog Nidra)
  8. Using Sankalpa stage to create a Subjective scenario
  9. Repeating the process by reading out your Objective scenario before entering into Alpha State
  10. Implementing the solution answered by Higher Consciousness.


How to get into Alpha State with eyes open?

Association technique.


Case Study:

I am in my early 40s and weighing around 90Kgs, 167cms, waist 107cms. Basically living a sedentary lifestyle till I joined MFS. I wish to turnaround my life by getting healthier and have set my goals on completing a marathon under 5 hours. Sharing my case study on "How to stay calm and get the desired results".

1. Defining the "Want":

I want to get back to my healthy weight by reducing 30Kgs in the next one year to be able to run a marathon under 5 hours.

2. Journaling the "Want":

I saw my picture that I had taken today at a family gathering and I was shocked at what I saw. I was never like this before. A potbelly!! OMG…Today it takes me 1 hr 30 mins to complete a 10K. I get breathless if I run for more than 3 minutes continuously. Eating junk food and sitting long hours at work and at home has lead me gain undesired weight. I checked the weighing scale and it was showing 90Kgs. It's time for me to bring in the change I want to see. I want to lead a healthy life, set an example for my kids and complete my lifelong desire to finish a marathon under 5 hours.

3. Journaling the solution:

I am glad I joined MFS. I love the workout coach gives me and the motivation in the group gets me going even when I feel low. I started with a Run-Walk-Run approach working completely on low heart based training. Initially, it's tough and boring but when you start seeing those small improvements it starts feeling better. Now I am happy there is some science and logic to my approach. The nutrition plan given by Dr Samta is awesome. I thought I would have to starve myself with some boiled vegies and juices but her plan is quite simple and easy to follow. Every day I feel I am losing some weight and gaining some confidence in return. The weighing scale is happy too to take my weight…lol…now I am able to run for longer without getting breathless. My pace has improved and when I got my executive health check-up done the vitals were getting back on track. Mind-Body-Habits, yes that's the right formula. I have gained some muscles too by doing the MIM challenge. I am focusing on the process, one day at a time, one step at a time. I know I will reach my goal.

4. Journaling the result:

I am at my hotel in Mumbai having my pre-race meal, getting ready for the Tata Mumbai Marathon. I waited patiently for this day, it's been a year and today my dream will come true. I check my weight at the reception counter before heading off to the race venue, it shows 60Kgs. I smile and brim with confidence. My friends who are running too are amazed to see my transformation. We reach the venue. I do the warm-up routines, take my last sip of pre-hydration fuel and head towards the start line. The count-down begins and I am slightly nervous,  will I be able to crack the sub 5 mark. I got the plan set by my coach. As the race gets flagged off I start my Garmin watch and settle down at an easy pace set by the structured workout. I am in a flow state gliding across the streets, cheering my fellow runners, sipping my hydration at specific intervals, the crowds cheering us…wow…this feels like a I am star in a movie 🙂 the last 500m I hustle through the crowd of runners and I see the finish line and the clock smiling at me with a timing of 4:55…I cross the finish line with a great sense of achievement and tears in my eyes…Yes…I have done it!! I have conquered my fears, my doubts, I got my health back…I kiss my medal and tell myself…this journey is just begun and I won't stop here…I have already set new goals for myself. Today I am not only a better runner, but a better colleague, a better father, a better husband, a better son and moreover a better human and I will keep getting better…

5. Developing Visualization:

I watched a lot of videos, picture of Mumbai marathon. Looked at picture of fitter athletes and saw myself getting there. I took running pictures and videos of myself along with my fellow runners. Ran a few B races that helped me create an awesome visualization.

6. Imagining the Result:

I actually morphed an image of a six pack athlete and put the image of my head there…lol…I feel totally motivated looking at that image. I took pictures of my weighing scale and again morphed it to the result I wanted to see. This actually helped me create vivid images in my mind. I saw the Mumbai marathon medal pictures and took a print-out and pasted it on my wall. I lived my dream each day.


Case Study:

I am a CEO of a mid-size manufacturing company. We produce spare parts for automobile industry. This corona pandemic caused huge loss of revenue and our employees faced pay cuts.

Recently we were contacted by a multi-national company who are interested in investing in our company. Though this sounds like a huge opportunity, I need to ensure that the interests of the employees are taken care of and there are no job cuts. I need to take a decision in a couple of months.

1. Defining the "Want":

Leading the company back to normal and ensuring growth and sustainability without compromising on the interests of my employees.

2. Journaling the "Want":

Last quarter has been very poor. We are looking at a 20% loss compared to last quarter. This has resulted in salary cuts though we have not released any employee from the payroll system. The inventory of the existing spare parts is huge with no buyers. X company is ready to jump in as investors. But they have their own  terms and conditions. Though this looks like a huge opportunity, we may have to release 15% of employees who do not match the required skill set as they plan to automate the specific production line. This compromises on the principles and culture of our company.

3. Journaling the solution:

Looking for solutions from higher consciousness.

4. Journaling the result:

I would like to find a solution that will enable us to move forward with the deal without having to release 15% of my employee force creating a win-win situation.

5. Developing Visualization:

I am visualizing going through the agreement and brainstorming with my core team on the way forward. The boardroom is  busy from morning to evening, with presentations and flow charts of possible solutions.

6. Imagining the Result:

I can see me sitting with the board of directors and the investors, presenting my solution. They agree to the solution and we have smiling faces in the room. My team jumps up with joy when they hear that our solution has been accepted. I thank them and feel grateful for the opportunity given to me to lead this company in such a difficult time.


Case Study:

I am 35 years working in a software company and a mother of two kids. I had a fall during my school days and my back was badly hurt. It had recovered but now it has resurfaced again. This could be due to sitting for long hours working on my laptop. I also get bouts of migraine periodically. I wish to learn classical dance someday but my back pain prevents me from pursuing that dream. This is my journey which I would like to redefine in a positive way.

1. Defining the "Want":

I want to lead a healthy lifestyle and pursue my long desire to learn classical dance. I want to perform in front of an audience.

2. Journaling the "Want":

My frequent visits to the doctor have only resulted in increase of steroids. They make me feel weak and I get mood swings too. No amount of physiotherapy has worked and I have tried all possible solutions. This month I have decided to stop going to a doctor. I would like to explore the self-healing technique. I heard and read about this and believe that body has the capability to heal itself.

3. Journaling the solution:

My friend recommended me to join MFS. Initially I was very sceptical but just one session of Foundation Training was feeling much better than a few rounds of physiotherapy. I got completed hooked on to the program and am enjoying the little progress that I am making every-day. I could never do the Yoga poses before but now I am able to regain my flexibility and strength. I remember my coaches words "Mobility, Flexibility and Strength are key to ensure you have a young and fit body". I am tracking my progress in all these areas. Along with the nutrition plan given by Dr Samta, my migraine has reduced drastically. I feel much better and active these days. Today I could complete Suryanamaskar beautifully, I feel my body is now ready to take up classical dance.

4. Journaling the result:

Wow!! It feel surreal, I am on stage in front of a packed audience for my Arangetram. My husband and kids are in the front row. They looked pretty excited but I am all nervous and sweating. As the music begins, I get into my flow, those movements feel like a flowing river. As I finish my dance, I get a thunderous applause. My heart is pounding fast, I look at my family, my youngest daughter claps her hand in excitement. This is what I wished for. I have realised my dream come true.

5. Developing Visualization:

I watch a lot of pictures and videos of body anatomy, specifically the spine. Focused on breathing and visualizing my back healing. The healing powers of my hand as they massaged my back. Also visualized following the training program and being able to do the Yoga poses.

6. Imagining the Result:

Watched a few videos of Arangetram and also attended live. It helped develop a powerful imagination.


Case Study:

I got to know about Ironman when I read about Milind Soman's interview in Times of India. That got me interested. Swim 3.8km in open waters, Bike 180Kms and Run 42Kms. Now that's some challenge. I am 48, diabetic and just started to learn swimming. But I wanted to cross the finish line on my 50th birthday and hear the words "You are an IRONMAN!!".

1. Defining the "Want":

Complete Ironman on my 50th birthday and lead a healthy and active lifestyle free from diabetes.

2. Journaling the "Want":

I always thought that by the time you hit mid-forties you are expected to have lifestyle diseases like BP and diabetes until I read about Milind Soman. I got inspired by him and told myself, if he could do it so could I. But I didn't know swimming, I always swam with my head up…lol…if I could learn swimming, I got this medal. I told my wife about it and she encouraged me to go ahead with the idea. I started my research and made new friends and soon brought a hybrid cycle to ride with my friends. I wanted to cross the finish line of Ironman on my 50th birthday and I was determined to put in all the efforts required.

3. Journaling the solution:

I was browsing through YouTube when I saw Sunil Menon's interview on Runner's High. I instantly knew this was the person who could help me cross the finish line. I enrolled into MFS. Man, I was lost in this world of data and science. So much to learn and those gadgets are pretty expensive. One by one I brought in the equipment's, Garmin watch, Road bike, Indoor trainer, swim suit, running shoes. I started liking the feel of lycra, it gave me a new identity 🙂 I joined a pool nearby and followed the drills given by my coach. I could now swim 1000m non-stop. I just needed to triple that effort now :-). Those monthly tests were good checkpoints to see how far I was from the cut-offs. The methodical approach helped me make faster progress. I attended the open water camp in Goa conducted by my coach and that camp was an eye opener. Interacting with fellow triathletes and exchanging tips and ideas helped me further. I was putting in 16-18 hrs of training per week. By my 49th birthday I was confident I could do it. I registered for Ironman Copenhagen that was incidentally on my 50th birthday. I strictly followed the nutrition plan given to me by Dr Samta. My sugar level was getting back to normal, lost a lot waist size. My dear wife supported me during my training hours. I was one step closer to my goal. I did some practice triathlons and also completed an half Ironman. I was ready.

4. Journaling the result:

My wife and I reached Copenhagen a week before the event. We were later on joined by our Indian friends with whom I did a route recce and open water practice swims. I was getting nervous as we came closer to the event. At the race briefing all the first timers were asked to stand up and they were given an applause. I was among them, it gave me Goosebumps. I put all the race day kit and took a picture of it and posted it in on Instagram. The comments posted by my friends made me feel better. After racking my bike, I came to my hotel, all possible scenarios running in my mind. Woke up pretty early on race day. Had my bullet-proof coffee and pre-race meal and walked up to the race venue. My wife kissed me good luck and I entered the swim holding area. I closed my eyes and visualized the swim. As soon as the race started, the participants were sent in batches. I started my swim slowly and picked up pace. I was happy to see my swim time of 1:25. My wife called me out when I came out, I gave her a quick hug and went to the bike transition, took my bike and started riding. Said a small prayer to calm my nerves. Enjoyed the ride thoroughly, two loops with fellow participants cheering each other. It was a smooth bike leg. Dropped my bike and transitioned into my run. This is where all the fun begins. 4 loops, and every loop you hear someone being called "You are an IRONMAN". I was inching towards that. My wife and our group kept cheering us. Finally, the last loop, as soon as I entered the finish lane, I took my Indian flag and raised it high, walking the last few meters…those words "You are an IRONMAN!!" melted my heart…I sank down after crossing the finish line with tears in my eyes and the Ironman medal around my neck put by my dear wife. This was the moment, I hugged my wife and we both had tears of joy. That picture is still in my living room. I have made it large, just like my life…KING size!!

5. Developing Visualization:

I watched so many Ironman videos that I would often get dreams of the races 🙂 Watching the transition videos and videos specific to Copenhagen helped immensely. We had a team of 8 members going so we often brainstormed the best case and worst case scenarios. So we were mentally prepared for anything. Staying calm and focussed was key.

6. Imagining the Result:

The visualization audio created by my coach enabled me to imagine the entire scenario. I kept listening to it every day. Those words "You are an IRONMAN!!" kept buzzing in my ears. From swim leg to bike leg to run leg I got it all figured out. I knew the time I would be clocking. The Indian flag was ironed and ready to rise. This had to be the most cherished moment of my life.

My wife planned the schedule. We were going there a week before and staying back for another 10 days post-race to spend some time together.

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