UPTK (Uber Products for Torqued Kinematics) - A sports nutrition brand, launched by Satva Sports Nutrition which is a venture started by the athletes for the athletes.

UPTK is focused exclusively on delivering a tailor made sports nutrition which is 100% natural and ensuring optimal nutrition of an athlete or a sports person, staying within WADA guidlines.

UPTK ensures an athlete is loaded with 100% natural nutrition which awakens the beast inside him and keeping beast mode on throughout the race.


Hydration Mix

Isotonic Power Hydration mix: Prepared using natural coconut n lemon dried powder + herbs. This powder is free from any artificial colouring or flavour and refined sugar. It replenishes all the lost Minerals and electrolytes during the workout and also rehydrates you well to prepare your body for next activity. It comes in 700gm jar.

Fruit Gel

Fruit Gel: Made from natural date syrup this boosts your performance along with purest form of Ashwagandha and Arjuna. This gel is free from refined sugar, artificial sweetener and caffeine. Sweet taste is natural due to date syrup.

Choco Salt

First time in the history of sports nutrition, salt suppliment in a tasty and faster way. Introducing Chocosalt for prevention of muscle cramp during endurance activity.


Carb loading cookies

Carb loading cookies: This gluten free product is made from banana powder and is free from Maida, refined sugar and vegetable oils. It helps in loading your body with carbs which are required during any endurance activity.

Hydration Mix Powder

Hydration mix powder in single serve sachet of 25 gm.

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