Trainee Coach Agreement

Coaching Guidelines:

Namaskar, Welcome to Menon Fitness Systems!

Menon Fitness Systems
is a set of systems that helps define a healthy lifestyle. It's not about
coaching, it's not about training plans, it's about the journey of living your
life to your full potential.

The most important mission in the Menon Fitness coaching process is to
ensure trainees achieve their goals, injury free and at the same time enjoy their workouts
and races. We believe in using the latest and greatest training techniques,
nutrition and equipment standards to get the best out of our athletes. Your
commitment to the program is equally important to achieve your goals.

To partner together professionally, we want you to be familiar with the
following guidelines.

Terms of Coaching:

Coaching is a process which will be for a minimum period of six months
initially. We start off by defining Events and Goals you would want to achieve
during the six-month training period. These Events and Goals are updated by the
trainee in the training app/website (currently Training Peaks).


We follow a Goal based and pace-based approach and currently use TrainingPeaks
as our online training site.

TrainingPeaks then becomes the single source of information for us. All
workouts are assigned to you via TrainingPeaks which also has a mobile app. You
can access all your workouts using the TrainingPeaks mobile app too.


The workouts are divided into four sections: Yoga, Strength and
Conditioning (S&C), Postural Correction (E-cise) exercises and
Run/Bike/Swim workouts. Yoga, E-cise and S&C workouts have YouTube video
links to explain each exercise. We measure your progress through MAF and Time
Trial tests on a periodic basis.

This program is divided into five phases:

  1. Build

    1. Duration: X Weeks (subjective to the plan)
    1. Aerobic long runs.
    1. MAF test to check aerobic capacity
  2. Specific
    Preparation Phase

    1. Duration: Y Weeks (subjective to the plan)
    1. Focus on strengthening specific muscle groups.
    1. Time Trial to check Threshold Heart Rate and
      Threshold pace
    1. Pace specific long/short workouts based on
      Levels identified
  3. Pre-Competition

    1. Duration: Z weeks (subjective to the plan)
    1. Race specific workouts
    1. Dial in nutrition and hydration strategy
    1. Time Trial to check Threshold Heart Rate and
      Threshold pace
    1. Execute ‘B’ and ‘C’ races
  4. Competition

    1. Duration: 3 weeks
    1. Threshold based workouts
    1. Race day planning and execution
  5. Recovery

    1. Duration: 2 weeks
    1. Active recovery
    1. Set base for the next event

Data Sync:

If you are using a GPS watch like Garmin or TomTom, your workouts can be
synced directly to TrainingPeaks using simple one-time access steps. Some
versions of Garmin watches also support structured workouts that can be
directly synched with your watch's calendar.

Goals, Events, Paces:

In order to proceed further we need to define your events, goals and
paces for your run, swim and cycling workouts.


Planning Races (A, B, C). Along with distances and targeting times.

Race A- This is the race you have been training for

Race B – To test your training results. The progress you make so that
the Race A is an achievable target

Race C – These are the runs where you don’t put in your 100% effort

The C races should be first followed by B races. Always better not to
plan B races in the early stages of the training


Race specific and Individual goals. For e.g. Complete my first Marathon
in xxx time. Reduce body fat percentage from x% to y%.

Pace Goals:

Setting Marathon Goal Pace,
10K Pace, 5K Pace, 1-mile Pace and MAF Zone based on your Threshold pace
calculated from Time Trial

Weekly Summary

The trainee will summarize the weekly training progress in Training
Peaks. The coach will review and provide feedback based on the weekly summary.


Customized nutrition based on ayurvedic principles and individual health
profile will be provided by an experienced nutritionist.

Training Camps

Training camps will be organized by Menon Fitness Systems for groups belonging
to specific cities. The camp cycle and duration will be discussed and agreed
upon in the specific groups.

All training camps are group specific.


Trainees can connect with respective coaches assigned to them by Menon
Fitness Systems on

fortnightly basis. The onus of setting up a connect is with the trainee.
The connect should not exceed more than 30 minutes. The medium of communication
can be decided by the coach and trainee.

Trainees can also attend Ask My Coach sessions that will be setup based
on the availability of the coaches.

Video Analysis:

Trainees can
send form videos of respective disciplines to their coach for analysis. Coach
will provide feedback within 10 days of receiving the videos. The trainees must
take the onus of shooting the videos on a monthly basis. Only one video per
discipline per month per trainee is allowed for analysis.

Bike Fit:

Bike fit is not part of the coaching fees. It will be charged


Coaching fee is payable to Menon Fitness Systems bank account for six
months. The fees for six months, quarterly and monthly are different.  If
a trainee wishes to pay monthly the fees will be higher than compared to
quarterly or six-monthly. The amount will be intimated by accounting staff of
Menon Fitness Systems based on trainee request. If the trainee wishes to
discontinue the training, the trainee must intimate the coach/accounting staff
a month prior and not when the billing is done, or the training plan is

This fee does not include training camps organized in any city. Trainees
must pay for these camps individually as agreed by the group to which they

Late payment charges will be added if they payments are not done within
10 days of the billing.

Please note that a "month" may not always correspond to a
calendar month, but refers to one set of coaching, that usually takes about a
month to complete.

Coaching Agreement


I agree to serve as your Coach - to partner with you to identify and
achieve your goals that will help you realize your true potential.

As your Coach, I cannot guarantee results.  You will create
powerful results by adhering to the three Cs (Commitment, Consistency and

As a coach I will create monthly training plans that will enable you to
comply, perform and recover efficiently.  You can review the plans and
provide your feedback. Modifications to the plan will be done only in the first
10 days of the application of the plan.

As a coach, I will review your weekly summary and provide feedback or
modify the workouts.

I am a Coach, not a psychotherapist or physician, and I am not trained
in diagnosing psychological or medical conditions.  If any issues come up
for you that should be handled by a licensed therapist or physician, I insist
that you must attend to your health by contacting the appropriate professional.

As your Coach, I will bring attentive listening, understanding, belief
in you and commitment to your success.  You can expect me to challenge you,
offer fresh perspectives, acknowledge your wins, and guarantee utmost
confidentiality (to the fullest extent of the law, and so long as I don't fear
for your or another's safety) in the powerful, sacred relationship.


I am motivated and committed to acting on my goals and comply to the
training plan assigned to me.  I realize that anything less than my
intentional full participation will not lead to my success.

I accept full responsibility for myself and any actions I take that
might result from Coaching.

I am under the care of a physician and healthy enough to engage in

I will provide weekly summary on time so that my coach can review and
guide me based on my feedback.

I agree to honour my scheduled session times.

I understand that all training plans, videos, audios and documents are
copyrighted by Menon Fitness Systems Pvt Ltd. I will not indulge in wrongful
distribution of the same.

I have read and agree with the Coaching Guidelines and the Coaching Agreement.

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