MFS KERALA CAMP (Dec 2 - Dec 5)

"Are you often injured ?"
"Seeking to improve your time ?"
"Do it the right way !!"
"Learn the ABC's of setting goals and achieving them."

Start your 2022 on the right foot !!

Join MFS Boot Camp under the guidance of Coach Sunil Menon :
- An Ironman Certified Coach (2015)
- A Boston Qualifier
- An Ironman Finisher
- An author of "Fuel your body naturally"
- A certified Buteyko Breathing instructor

Open for all amateur athletes from beginners to advanced Triathletes to Marathoners.

Early bird offer closes 31st October !!
Hurry!! Limited seats!!

What: MFS Boot Camp

Venue: Kalypso Natventure, Kerala

Camp Dates: Dec 2, 2021 to Dec 5, 2021

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Camp Registration:

Contact Details:


Camp Details:

Day Activity
DAY 1 Introduction and basic etiquette of the camp
How to create goals and be successful in achieving them
Meditation and breath work
DAY 2 Meditation and breath work
Run form and drills
Breathing while running
Recovery breathing
Run videos for form analysis
Working on Goals
Meditation and breath work
DAY 3 Meditation and breath work
Bike form and drills
Breathing while cycling
Recovery breathing
Trail running
Swim or Kayaking
Meditation and breath work
DAY 4 Meditation and breath work
Run form review
Long trail run
Recovery breathing
Meditation and breath work
Camp Fire


List of items to carry for the Camp

Item Discipline Link Remarks
Foam Roller Recovery Optional
Massage Ball Recovery  
Long TheraBand Strength and



Please choose the resistance that suits you.
Mini Bands Strength and

Yoga Mat All  
Swimming Cap Swim Required
Swim goggles Swim Required
Swim Trunks Swim   Required
Running Shorts Run    
Cycling shorts Bike    
Running Top Run    
Dry fit Cap Run    
Sunglasses Run/Bike    
Sunscreen All    
Swim fins Swim Optional
Swim kickboard Swim Optional
Swim buoy Swim Optional
Swim snorkel Swim Optional
Swim hand paddles Optional
Sipper All    
Garmin  watch      
Energy Bars All    
Beach Towel Open Water    
Tow Float Open Water Required if you are planning to swim in the lake

Many regards

Team MFS



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